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September 2019


This fall, studies at the Academy for Classical Acting came to a close for the class of 2019. I am proud to stand beside my 15 cohorts as the latest graduates of the program, and we all say a fond welcome to the class of 2020! Crush it!

July 2019

Hail, king of Scotland...

Some say the play is cursed, but I count myself blessed to have taken the stage as the tyrant, Macbeth. The ACA Reps brought joy, sorrow, fear, and a truly fantastic sense of play to audiences the whole run.  

March 2019

Fire and Blood, but no dragons...just Jack Cade.

What do you get when you take 16 ambitious performers, 2 directors, three plays by The Bard, and only one hour of time? The compressed, condensed, dehydrated, debunked, abridged, and aptly-named Henry 60! If you think Game of Thrones is confusing sometimes, you've gotta see this one.